Tips & Tricks

Increase Efficiency With the My Claims Queue

Presented By the gMed Training Team

The My Claims queue is a great resource to efficiently distribute and work A/R on a daily basis, especially for practices with multiple billers.  This queue is user-specific, based on the claim’s assigned responsible, which can be set manually or automatically.

*Please see the gPM Tip ‘n Trick Automate Claim Management for more information on automatically assigning claim responsible users.

Link Patient Education to Diagnoses

Presented By gMed Training Team

Link external documents, such as educational material, to diagnoses to easily print, fax or publish to gPortal from Check Out.

Build Your References!

Presented By Digestive Health Specialists PA, North Carolina

gGastro allows you to store helpful websites for easy accessibility.   Once they are stored, you can simply click the link to open the site in a new tab, while gGastro remains open.

Automate Claim Management

Presented By the gMed Training Team

You can configure Claim Responsible users based on specific claim criteria to automatically route claims for faster review and processing.  Then, users can easily work their assigned claims from the My Claims queue.

Edit Diagnostic Studies Wording with Ease

Presented By the gMed Training Team

You can modify the wording of findings associated with previous diagnostic studies in the patient’s profile, without having to modify signed/locked documents.

Automating Lab Results on Services

Presented By the gMed Training Team

To provide more visibility of patient lab results, you can easily update your service templates to automatically display this data.

Adding Authorization Numbers – Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Presented By the gMed Training Team

To accommodate your unique workflow, gPM allows you to add authorization numbers from multiple areas of the application. This allows the authorization number to be populated at various points in the status of the patient’s visit or claim by users in various departments.

Work Smarter, not harder – Use a Quick Note!

Presented By the gMed Training Team

A Quick Note allows a user to capture the content within specific sections of a procedure note, including content within ribbons and placeholders, to easily apply to future service notes with the click of a button!