MIPS Fundamentals for gGastro®

Check out  AG122 – MIPS Fundamentals gGastro® on ModMed U. This course is designed to give an overview and insight into MIPS reporting within gGastro. During the MIPS Fundamentals for gGastro® you will learn about the MIPS dashboard and creating your MIPS reports. The course also covers basic provider settings, and documentation basics and concludes

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Follow-Up: Action Required: ModMed® Payment Update — May 5, 2023

This is a follow-up to the communication we sent on Friday, March 10, 2023 regarding ModMed®’s transition to a new bank. We are writing to make you aware that we finalized this transition and the updated banking information is included under “Action Required” below.  Please refer to the “Confirming Billing Instructions” section included in the

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Make Spell Checking a Breeze with the Document Spell Check User Preferences

Benefit: Don’t let problematic words slow down your workflow. With User Preferences Spell Check Options, you now have two ways to spell check within the application. Available with v.6.1.1. Step 1 Ensure that Spell Checking is enabled in the browser.   Step 2 Access User Preferences Document Spell Check. Select the first option to be

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MIPS 2023 Guide Now Available

In 2023 an additional reporting framework is set to become available: MVPs – MIPS Value Pathways. Read more about this and more in the 2023 MIPS Guide available on ModMed® Communities.

Streamline Your Workflow, Add Entire Folders to Favorites

Benefit: Adding User List Folders to Favorites allows you to better streamline your workflow, providing quicker access to the most frequent User List items grouped into your favorite folders. Available with v.6.02. Step 1 Access the desired “User List Panel” such as the My Orders User List.   Step 2 Right-click on the required folder

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Patient Analysis with Patient Metadata and gInsights™

Benefit: Patient Analysis with Patient Metadata and gInsights™ allows you to tag patients with unique indicators such as clinical trials, diagnoses, and preferred pronouns. Then, you can analyze the data using gInsights™ Metadata reports. . Available with v.5.4 and beyond. Step 1 Click the “Patient Metadata” Header in the Patient’s Profile then select “New”.  

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Double-down on Double Bookings

Benefit: Increasing the Scheduler Preferences Appointment Holds Time reduces the incidences of two users double-booking the same timeslot in gScheduler. Step 1 Access “Scheduler Preferences”, enter an Appointment Holds expiration time then click “Save”   Step 2 Click the “Scheduler flyout”, select “Find Available” then filter according to your workflow. Step 3 The Scheduler indicates

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