Patient Safety Alert: Action Recommended: Ongoing Limited Functionality: Change Healthcare — February 22, 2024

This is an important patient safety message impacting a subset of gGastro®  customers. Yesterday, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, we communicated with you about the ongoing limited functionality experienced by our third-party vendor, Change Healthcare. 

Today, Thursday, February 22, 2024, Change Healthcare is continuing to experience a network interruption, which they have now stated is related to a cybersecurity issue. Our team is working with Change Healthcare to address the matter. Once we became aware of the cybersecurity component, we took action to disconnect our systems from Change Healthcare in the interest of protecting our clients and securing our data. Change Healthcare took action to disconnect its systems separately.

According to Change Healthcare, the disruption is expected to last at least through the day, and gGastro users may wish to prepare for a longer disruption, as Change Healthcare has not provided details on the timing for a resolution. ModMed® is seeking additional information from Change Healthcare to understand the scope and expected length of the interruption.

Change Healthcare is providing public updates at this URL:

How Does This Impact Your Practice? 

Many gGastro customers integrate with Change Healthcare software for electronic clinical lab ordering and inbound clinical results, which are impacted by this issue.

Furthermore, this outage also impacts EDIinsight® by Waystar, another gGastro third-party vendor. Consequently, you may experience delays in routing Claims, Claim Status, and Eligibility transactions, as well as receiving Remit and Payer Responses for the payers connected to the Change Healthcare network. Waystar systems remain operational and available. Like ModMed, Waystar continues to collaborate with Change Healthcare to identify a resolution.

Action Recommended

Please reference this communication to review our suggested temporary workaround. Once connectivity is restored, gGastro will work with Change Healthcare to address any discrepancies.

Please continue to print and distribute lab orders to patients via paper copy and access labs, including critical results, through your vendor portal or by contacting the lab directly. 

ModMed is committed to helping you deliver care to your patients, and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause your practice. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work with Change Healthcare to resolve this issue. Please note that there may be a delay between Change Healthcare announcing the resolution of the incident and the restoration of services in gGastro as our team conducts testing. We will provide you with an update once more details become available.



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