Action Requested: Begin Transitioning to Alternate Faxing Solutions

Dear Valued Clients:

We are writing to remind you that if you are a gGastro® self-hosted client currently using the HylaFAX™ faxing component, to avoid future service interruptions, please plan to begin transitioning to other options as detailed below.

Please note: If you are a gGastro self-hosted client who currently uses the InterFAX or iFax solutions, this communication does not apply to you.

ModMed no longer supports the third-party HylaFAX faxing software. Therefore, we suggest that you move to another software faxing solution as soon as possible. We encourage you to explore any solution that best fits your needs. Some options are:

  1. Move to gGastro Cloud, which utilizes electronic faxing. Potential advantages include:
    • Eliminate the need to purchase, install and manage hardware
    • Increased ability to quickly scale
    • Managed deployment of updates, backups, and security patches
    • Environmental performance monitoring by ModMed’s Support Team
  2. If you are self-hosted, one option is to utilize the ModMed electronic faxing solution with your self-hosted server. Potential advantages include:
    • A supported framework for faxing with your existing setup
    • Potential to quickly and reliably set up
    • Ability to work, seamlessly, with the gGastro® system

For more information about this offering or to discuss your faxing options in more detail, please contact our Support Team.

The ModMed Gastroenterology Team




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