Patient Safety Alert

Dear Valued Clients:

This is an important patient safety message regarding the documentation of patient weight data impacting certain gGastro® clients.

In particular workflows, while using gGastro v. / v., the patient weight from a previous visit is unintentionally populating on the current Visit or Procedure Note, which may impact weight-dependent clinical decisions. A screenshot displaying the issue is included below for reference.

We intend to fix this issue with an updated version of gGastro, which we plan to deploy the weekend of March 19–20, 2022. As a reminder, the Cloud environment will have intermittent periods of application inaccessibility during this deployment time.

In the interim, we recommend using caution when reviewing and documenting patient vitals, particularly weight, and adjusting the documentation as necessary. Once the issue is resolved, the weight will not populate from the previous visit data, as intended.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause your practice. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work through this issue.


The ModMed Gastroenterology Team



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