2022 MIPS Immunizations Reporting – Launch of Iron Bridge Corp. Partnership

This is a follow-up to a communication we sent to you on August 17, 2022, making you aware that if you are a provider who administers immunizations, we have a new solution

On Monday, October 3, 2022, Modernizing Medicine’s partnership with Iron Bridge Corp. will launch as a solution for submitting immunization data to each state registry, in order to meet the required 2022 Immunization Registry Reporting measure, under the Promoting Interoperability category of MIPS.

Immunization Registry Reporting requires that the MIPS eligible clinician is in active engagement with a Public Health Agency (PHA) to submit immunization data and receive immunization forecasts and histories from the public health Immunization Registry and the Immunization Information Systems (IIS). The registration to submit the immunization data must be completed within 60 days after the start of the MIPS performance period. This means that by November 30, 2022, you should have started the engagement with the PHA and the onboarding process with ModMed.

Please follow the below steps involved with using Iron Bridge Corp.:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. The Point of Contact entered on the above form will receive an Order Form via the email address provided for your review and signature. 
  3. Once all parties have signed the Order Form, you will be contacted by a Project Coordinator from ModMed, who will review your next steps and further instructions for completing the Immunization MIPS measure and reporting.

For more information on: 

  • Immunization Reporting for 2022 MIPS, please visit CMS.
  • Iron Bridge Corp., please click here.


MIPS Advisory Services

With ModMed’s MIPS Advisory Services, a dedicated advisor can help you meet your goals! MIPS Advisors, who are trained in gGastro®, can work with you to build your practice’s custom MIPS project plan and answer questions, monitor your performance, and more. Fill out the form here to get in touch with the MIPS team.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please reach out to our Support Team




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