Tips & Tricks

STOP tripping over the Scanner – Use gGastro® Mobile Take a Photo


gGastro® Mobile Take a Photo enhances your workflow by saving you several trips to a dedicated photocopier or scanner. Just take a photo of the Patient Insurance card or other documents and gGastro® Mobile will send those images to gGastro® Web for you to file in the Patient Chart.


In gGastro® Mobile, take a photo by tapping the camera icon in a Rounding List Item; the Charge, or the Patient Summary.


Tap Yes to upload the image to gGastro® Web or Retake to retake the photo.


In gGastro® Web, view the image in the patient’s chart or the scanning queue. Update the chart element as needed and file the document.


You can search for uploaded photos in gGastro® Web Scanning Queue by selecting the source filter option gGastro Mobile.





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