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Protect Your Service Note Content with AUTO-LOCK


gGastro® service notes are dynamic, and capable of incorporating changes made to a patient’s chart in various areas of the application.  This allows new information to be available immediately, but it may be an unwelcomed change in a service note.  Protect your service notes from unwanted, or unexpected changes by locking them.  The Auto-Lock feature is a great fail-safe for those instances where one may forget to lock the note. Enable it today!


Dr. Jane partially completed her service note before she had to step away to her next appointment. 
The unlocked service note remains in the patient’s chart as “snapshot” of the data that was available at any given moment that you view it.

Changes are made over the next few days to the patient’s chart. 


Dr. Jane returns to complete her service note and panics when she realizes she did not sign or lock it!


But, fear not! The gGastro® Auto-Lock feature was enabled!   
Check out the Auto-Lock QRG to how to enable the Auto-Lock feature in YOUR gGastro® system today!





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