Patient Safety Alert: Follow Up Refills Requests – Status Update

This is an important patient safety message regarding prescription “follow-up” refill requests impacting our Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology clients.

With the update to the Script2017 standard of ePrescribing, implemented in gGastro® v. 4.71, pharmacies now have the ability to send follow up refill requests to our Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology clients.

In rare instances, when a provider using gGastro® responds to a follow up refill request received from a pharmacy, the “Action” and “Transaction” status within gGastro® will not update correctly, and will continue to display as “Pending” and the refill request response may not be documented in the patient’s chart accurately. Please note that, although the status and response may not reflect correctly within gGastro, we have confirmed that the response to such refill requests is transmitting to Dr. First and the pharmacy without delay. Please note, as well, that this erroneous status is only occurring for “Approve”, “Modify”, or “Replace” workflows, and is not impacting the transaction status for follow up refill requests that are being “Denied”. Therefore, no additional action is required for denied requests.

Our team is currently working on this issue and we will provide you with further information regarding the anticipated resolution as soon as it is available.







In the interim time period before the permanent fix is implemented, we recommend that when you note that a Request is a Follow Up and an action of “Approve”, “Modify”, or “Replace” is required, you take the following steps:

  • Deny the request
  • Manually Renew the medication via the Patient’s Chart:




















If this workflow is used, the refill action will be properly documented within the gGastro system.

Modernizing Medicine is committed to helping you to deliver the safest care to all of your patients and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused your practice. If you have any questions concerning this information, or if you are continuing to experience any difficulties, please contact our Support Team.



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