Alaska PDMP Update: Impacts to clients residing in AK

Please see below a message from Appriss Health regarding Alaska Provider Authorizations – July 30, 2020

Please review this email carefully.  Failure to follow this protocol could result in a rejection when attempting to access the Alaska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AK PDMP) via PMP Gateway.

The State of Alaska plans to implement the Provider Authorization function, which ensures that any provider or pharmacist who accesses the AK PDMP via PMP Gateway has an approved registration user account with the AK PDMP ( AK PDMP registration instructions are located here:

To ensure your providers and pharmacists are not impacted, the following requirements must be in place in order to successfully access the AK PDMP data via PMP Gateway. 

  • All providers/pharmacists must have an approved PMP AWARxE user account with the AK PDMP (
    • Pharmacists will be required to register with their Professional License number
      (AK Pharmacist professional license format is 5 numeric digits, i.e. 12345 with no leading zeros or alpha characters.)
    • Prescribers will be required to register with their DEA number and Professional License number. Prescribers may also include their NPI number in their registration (optional).

There is no change to the information that your organization includes within your PMP Gateway request today. As you know, the PMP Gateway request must include one or more of the identifiers:  DEA, NPI, or Professional License number along with the provider or pharmacist’s name and role.  When the PMP Provider Authorization feature is enabled, the identifier used for the provider or pharmacist in the PMP Gateway request must match at least one of the identifiers used in the provider or pharmacist’s Alaska PMP user account.

Once the feature is enabled, failure to meet the above requirements will result in an error response when the provider or pharmacist attempts to access the PMP detail through PMP Gateway. In order to restore access, the provider or pharmacist will need to ensure that the credential (DEA, NPI, or Professional License) in their EHR or Pharmacy Management System matches a credential in their PDMP account.

The State of Alaska will be implementing the Provider Authorization feature on 9/30/2020.

Please contact Appriss or the Alaska PDPM directly with any questions regarding this new requirement.



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