Action Required: EHR Certification Versions 5.0 and Prior Removal from CHPL

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), which houses gGastro®’s certifications, has made us aware that all EHR software versions not certified to 2015 Edition Cures Act update, must be withdrawn from the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL). 

As we previously communicated, gGastro version 6.0 passed the 2015 Edition Cures Act certification. Per the ONC, v.5.0 and prior versions will be withdrawn from the “active” list and will be placed on the “withdrawn by developer” list. 

Please note: You can generate an EHR Certification number and submit the 2022 Promoting Interoperability (PI) category using a version of gGastro not certified for Cures Act.

Action Required
If you are attesting to the MIPS PI category, you are required to generate and enter your EHR certification number for 2022, using the version, or the combination of versions, your system was on during your selected 90-day reporting period.

To generate your EHR certification number for versions 5.0 or prior, please visit the ONC Certified Product List website. Once there, type “gGastro” in the search box and click on the “Certification Status” tab. You will see that the boxes named “Active”, “Suspended by ONC” and “Suspended by ONC-ACB” are already checked. Please also check the filter box named “Withdrawn by Developer,” as shown in the screenshot below. You will then be able to generate your EHR certification number for v.5.0 or prior of gGastro, which you will use to enter in your PI attestation.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact our Support Team. You may also contact the Quality Payment Program (QPP) at



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