Changes in Minimum iOS System Requirements for Early 2023

We are writing to inform you that ModMed Gastroenterology plans to update our minimum iOS and iPadOS system requirements in Q1 2023.  

In early 2023, iOS/iPadOS 16 will be the minimum system requirement in order to run ModMed Gastroenterology iOS applications.  We plan to communicate an official date once determined.

While Apple hasn’t officially released iOS 16 or iPadOS 16, we encourage you to start planning now for the upcoming Apple iOS/iPadOS 16 release.

This requirement will impact the following applications:

  • gGastro® Mobile
  • gKiosk

When will iOS/iPadOS 16 be available?
No official word has been provided by Apple. We believe that Apple historically releases its new iOS and iPadOS in mid- to late September. 

Will we have to upgrade our equipment?
At this time, Apple has not announced any hardware deprecations in connection with this iOS update. However, we do anticipate that hardware deprecations may be announced when the new iOS is released. Keep up to date on Apple’s new iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 compatibility updates here.

Why is ModMed Gastroenterology enforcing this requirement?
We believe that this is a necessary update to help protect your practice and patient information. Once Apple releases a new operating system, it no longer supports its older iOS versions, and it is not possible to ensure that unsupported devices and operating systems remain compliant with industry security standards. 

If you have any questions about this update, please contact our Support Team.

The ModMed Gastroenterology Team



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