Patient Safety Alert: Issue Identified: Limited Functionality with gPortal™ Messaging

Dear Valued Clients:

This is an important patient safety message impacting all gGastro® clients who use Gmail for their Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to support their gPortal™ email communications. 

Please disregard this message if you do not use Gmail for your SMTP to support your gPortal™ email communications. 

We are writing to inform you that after Google’s recent change to its authentication methods for G Suite accounts, gGastro clients using Gmail for their SMTP are receiving an error when trying to authenticate/connect to their accounts through the gGastro system. A screenshot is included below for reference. In order to review these settings, navigate to “Configuration” then “Preferences”.

Currently, this issue is causing limited functionality in gPortal for these clients. While patients are still able to access gPortal and review documents / results, emails regarding information such as gPortal invites or gPortal email notifications are not being received by patients.

As an immediate resolution to this issue, please consider using an alternative HIPAA-compliant SMTP provider to manage your gPortal communications. 

You can review the gPortal email setup here, under the “Email Server Configuration” section. This details the email provider setup required. Your practice’s superuser or IT services support provider can manage this.   

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause your practice. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work through this issue. 

The ModMed Gastroenterology Team



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