EDIinsight Notification – Provider Registration Required: Medicaid Wyoming

Provider Registration Required: Medicaid Wyoming (payer id: 77046)
EDIinsight by Waystar has been notified that Wyoming Medicaid providers are required to register on the new provider portal found https://www.wyomingmedicaid.com. Providers must choose ZIR MED 500038600 as their Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.
This must be completed prior to October 25, 2021.
All Providers should immediately complete their Web Registration on the provider portal https://www.wyomingmedicaid.com AND confirm that ZIR MED 500038600 is setup as their Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.
Instructions on completing the provider web registration can be found at https://www.wyomingmedicaid.com in the Provider Training, Tutorials and Workshops section under Web Registration – Providers.
If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact gPM Support.


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