EDIinsights Notification – Medicaid WY Blackout Period – Payer ID 77046

Medicaid Wyoming (77046)

Reason for Notice:

Waystar has been notified that Medicaid Wyoming (77046) is updating their systems and will have a blackout period from 10/5/2021 to 10/25/2021. Medicaid Wyoming will cease accepting all claims submissions at 5pm MT on Wednesday, October 5, 2021. If you have any outstanding claims, please submit them as soon as possible to ensure timely payment. Paper claims received after this date will be held for processing until the end of the blackout period.

Action Taken by Waystar:

Waystar is making necessary changes internally to accommodate the system changes with Medicaid Wyoming.

Action Required of Customer:

Please be aware of this blackout period and submit any claims prior to the deadline. In order to submit claims to the new system, you will need to be registered as a provider under Medicaid Wyoming s updated portal. Please visit wyomingmedicaid.com for additional information on this process as well as for training registration. Further communication from Waystar will follow on when registration can begin.

Please contact gPM Support if you need assistance or have any questions.



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