gGastro UPDATE: The 21st Century Cures Act and Information Blocking Requirements – NEW Feature

NEW Feature – Publish Patient Results to Portal Automatically

The 21st Century Cures Act
As you may be aware, the 21st Century Cures Act was adopted December 13, 2016, and a final rule in connection with the Cures Act (the “Cures Act Final Rule”) was issued by the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (“ONC”) in May of 2020. The Cures Act Final Rule included a number of requirements that are applicable to Modernizing Medicine, our clients and other similar entities. The Cures Act Final Rule included two parts that are particularly relevant to Modernizing Medicine and our provider clients: (i) new health IT standards and requirements that must be met for our electronic medical record systems to maintain their status as certified electronic health record technology (“CEHRT”) under the ONC’s Health IT Certification Program; and (ii) an “information blocking” prohibition. For additional information regarding the Cures Act and Cures Act Final Rule, please visit ONC’s webpage dedicated to these new standards at

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology has been working diligently to plan for and complete updates to our systems that will ensure that we and our systems will remain in compliance with these new requirements and enhancements that we hope will help our providers with their compliance efforts.We are writing to provide you with updates on some upcoming changes, in light of the upcoming April 5, 2021, compliance deadline related to the information blocking provisions of the Cures Act and the Cures Act Final Rule.

Information Blocking
To help support your compliance efforts related to the “Information Blocking” Provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule, you will have the ability to configure gGastro® to automatically publish patient test results (including clinical labs, pathology, etc.) to the patient’s Patient Portal without additional action by the ordering provider (e.g., reviewing and manually releasing the results). We plan to make the new feature available March 6, 2021. On-Premise clients can schedule the upgrade via

Please review the release notes located in the 4.72 article on modmed® Communities.

For more information about the Information Blocking provisions, visit the ONC website at You should also consider consulting your practice’s health care attorney regarding your practice’s obligations under the provisions.



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