Tips & Tricks

Working Together While Working Remotely with gTelehealth™ Appointment Statuses


gTelehealth™ allows your practice to work remotely, and still work together within gGastro. While it is not necessary to create appointment statuses specific to gTelehealth™, it may assist with the gTelehealth™ visit workflow.


Access Appointment Status Configuration.

Click New, then enter the new appointment status name, and any applicable properties that your practice may rely on, such as color and Area.  Click Save once complete.


In the Scheduler or My Activities any gGastro user can update the appointment status as per the standard workflow.    

Suggested gTelehealth™ Statuses:
  1. “gTH Session Started” when the medical assistant, or other gGastro user starts the session.
  2. “gTH Patient Waiting” or “gTH Ready for Provider” when the patient has joined the call.  This is the appropriate status for the provider to join the session.
  3. “gTH Tech Difficulties – CALL PATIENT” would indicate that the patient is experiencing some technical issue and is unable to join the gTelehealth™ call.  You may need to call the patient directly on the phone number documented in patient demographics.
  4. You  may even just copy your existing statues and add the “gTH” prefix to mimic the same workflow during a gTelehealth™ session.




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