gPM Clients: Message from Practice Insight: BCBSAZ Claim Processing Change for Rendering Providers Payer Bulletin (January 5, 2018)

Effective for medical claims received on and after January 1, 2018, BCBSAZ is processing the claim using the rendering provider, when that field is populated on the claim. If the BCBSAZ system has no association between the rendering provider NPI and the tax ID on the claim, the claim will be returned. To avoid unnecessary returns and payment delays, please make certain that any rendering provider submitted on claims with your tax ID, has been added to our system.

All rendering providers with a credential that is eligible for an independent contract with BCBSAZ (such as PAs and NPs) are required to go through the BCBSAZ credentialing process. To get started, visit Contract Now! at and complete the application/information form. This will prevent claim returns and ensure that all providers associated with your tax ID are correctly loaded in our system with current contracting and credentialing information.