gPM Clients: Message from Practice Insight: Medicaid MI Elig Rejection Issues (January 02, 2018)

Practice Insight has been notified of a processing issue by MEDICAID MICHIGAN (payer id: MCDMI, D00111).

They are experiencing a processing issue that is intermittently erroneously rejecting Real-Time requests for Eligibility & Benefits (ANSI 270) submitted starting January 2, 2018.

The rejection message is “Request is INVALID: Subscriber/Insured Not Found. Please Correct and Resubmit” and “Request is INVALID: Patient Birth Date Does Not Match our Database. Please Correct and Resubmit.”

Please DO NOT resubmit the rejected Real-Time requests for Eligibility & Benefits (ANSI 270). The payer is actively working to resolve the processing issue.