gPM Clients: Message from Practice Insight: Payer Bulletin: Tricare East and West Regions (Update)

Payer Bulletin: Tricare East and West Regions *Update*

Payer Bulletin:
Practice Insight is sharing additional information from Tricare regarding the changes scheduled for implementation on Jan. 1, 2018. In summary:

Practice Insight will manage the submission of claims to the correct EDI contractor based on the payer ID number in the uploaded claim. However, claims with dates of service that do not correspond to the payer ID number may be stopped as Invalid.

Tricare East does require EDI registration for both claims and ERA. All Tricare North and South providers planning to submit claims to Tricare East and/or receive ERA delivery must enroll with WPS-Tricare East (TREST).

Tricare West is changing to a new administrative contractor and requires that providers re-enroll for EFT and ERA. Providers wishing to continue receiving EFT/ERA must enroll using the T2017 Tricare West instructions.

Please also refer to the following letter from Tricare to providers and EDI trading partners:

Tricare Contract Changes Letter

Additional Resources:

You may also open a ticket with gSupport if further enrollment assistance is needed.