gGastro Version 4.61 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the release of gGastro version 4.61.

Please review the release notes, which contain information about all of the new features and efficiencies in 4.61, by following the links below.



gKiosk is intended to improve the patient check in process at your practice. This product allows patients to update personal information and medical history, as well as electronically sign consent forms, through an iPad app when they arrive for their appointment, removing the need for paper forms. The information will automatically update within gGastro, alleviating the need for staff to manually update. If you are interested in using this feature, please reach out to the gMed Sales Team.            


Rounding List

To better track rounding in hospital settings, gPM now provides a rounding list that syncs with gCharge. You may add patients to the rounding list, or modify existing patients on the list, from both gPM and gCharge, and any changes will automatically update within both applications once saved. Within gCharge, you may also create charges directly from a patient on the rounding list.

4.61 gGastro Release Notes
4.61 gPM Release Notes


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