ASC Quality Reporting Deadline Approaching/Patch Available

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for Web-Based (Structural) Measures Submission for ASC Quality Reporting is August 15, 2015.

The reported data will be for services performed from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014.

If you are reporting on Measures ASC-9 and ASC-10 out of gGastro, you can obtain your reports by going to Reports > General, and running the two corresponding reports:

The measures are named as follows:

  • ASC-9: Endoscopy/Polyp Surveillance: Appropriate follow-up interval for normal colonoscopy in average risk patients;
  • ASC-10: Endoscopy/Poly Surveillance: Colonoscopy Interval for Patients with a History of Adenomatous Polyps – Avoidance of Inappropriate Use

In order to report these measures you will need to have an account registered on

Please note that when running the ASC-10 report, some of our users reported incorrect numbers in their denominators. We have recently created a patch for the ASC-10 report that rectifies this situation.

Please run your reports today. If you run your numbers and the denominator does not reflect what you believe it should be, please email¬†with your request for the patch. Please use the line “Request to apply ASC-10 fix” as the title of your email. Please note that applying the patch does not require downtime.

If you have any additional questions, please contact