Olympus Selects gMed as a Preferred Vendor for Current EndoWorks Customers

gMed, the leader is Gastroenterology software has announced a new partnership with Olympus, a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative medical and surgical products and solutions.

gMed’s software, gGastro, was selected as an alternate solution to Olympus’ EndoWorks platform, which is being discontinued over the next three years.  gMed is one of two select vendors, chosen by Olympus to provide its software solution to current EndoWorks and future Olympus customers.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Olympus as a preferred partner in the US and continue to work towards a deeper relationship internationally,” stated Joe Rubinsztain, MD and CEO of gMed. “We believe our combined products will allow physicians to embrace the steady shift towardsalternative, quality-based payment models.”

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